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May 20th 2024


Our most successful customers use Senja to grow their business.

That's why we've always encouraged you to not just collect testimonials, but share them too.

As well as sharing the testimonials your receive, you should encourage your customers to share their own words with their own followers.

With our new launch, everyone who leaves you a testimonial will be prompted to immediately share their testimonial on X, with a link back to your site or sales page.

New on Senja today:

  1. Film or upload a personalized thank you video

  2. Enable simple, one-click sharing on X

  3. Add your product or service URL to the share message

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May 6th 2024


We've just launched something magical.

One of the most common ways creators save and share their social proof is by using screengrabs of their customer love from their emails, socials their community and so on.

Now you can import all those screenshots to Senja, and we'll automatically transcribe them for you, so you can always find the perfect testimonial for the right time.

That's not all. We've also launched a new Image Gallery widget that'll help you display these testimonials beautifully, without code.

We've also made it possible to take a screenshot of a testimonial and import it directly from our chrome extension.

To get started, head on over to the import page.

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April 29th 2024

Go from "who?" to "hell yeah!" with our massive creator give away. Take your creator business to new heights in 2024 with $5,000 in gear, tools and advice.

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Enter here.

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April 22nd 2024


Your LinkedIn recommendations are a goldmine of social proof.

And you can now pull them into your Senja account.

As always, once they're in Senja you can tag, analyze, translate, and share them as links, widgets and images.

LinkedIn recommendations import is now live for all users of Senja.

Click here to import.

Here's how it works:

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April 17th 2024

Our Chrome extension just got even more powerful ✨

Now you can download your video testimonials and create social videos directly from the Senja Chrome extension.

We want to make it easier for all of you to get more visitors and more sales thanks to social proof!

Download the Senja Chrome extension and give it a try today.

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April 11th 2024


Tagging on Senja is better than ever.

You can now create testimonial tags grouped into different categories.

Examples include by product, company size, industry or revenue.

This means that later, when filtering for the most relevant testimonial for a lead, you will be able to use categories to find tags more easily.

Live now, on all Senja plans.

View and setup your tags here.

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April 1st 2024


Your social proof deserves to shine, which is why you can now import your Wall of Love from Testimonial into Senja with one click.

You'll then have access to our powerful features like translation, bulk sharing, analysis and of course, our testimonial templates, widgets and video testimonials.

To move all your testimonials to Senja, click here.

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March 29th 2024


We want to make it dead simple for anyone who signs up to Senja to collect their first testimonial.

Now you can invite your email subscribers from

  • Mailchimp

  • ConvertKit

  • MailerLite

  • and Klaviyo

to leave you a testimonial with just a few clicks.

We've also made a few smaller changes to enhance your Senja experience

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March 27th 2024


Pick one or more of your customer testimonials and instantly:

  • Translate

  • Tag

  • Analyze

  • Export

  • (Un)approve

  • Delete

  • Or share

    • As a link, like this

    • As a new widget

    • As a new image

    • As a new Wall of Love

Senja just got faster, more powerful, and simply more awesome.

Introducing our Quick Actions menu. Watch this video to understand how it works:

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March 25th 2024


Great news, video analytics are now live on Senja for all account types.

Not only can you see plays on your video testimonials, but we added widget loads.

This will help you understand how effective your widget placement is.

Important note: testimonial video hosting is included as part of Senja plans, and comes without ads or noise, unlike YouTube. So consider migrating your video testimonials to us.

New ideas to have your say and vote on (please!):

Invite anyone who left a text testimonial to 'upgrade' to a video testimonial

Attach a gift to an invite, or thank you email

Resending invites

Quick menu to quickly analyze testimonials or share as widgets or images

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