At Senja we're always looking for more powerful ways for our customers to share their testimonials. Images, widgets, Walls of Love, and now... videos.
Today we're announcing the beta of testimonial videos - turn your testimonials into jaw-dropping and eye catching videos and share them everywhere.
Available to all customers in the Senja Studio. Take a look and get creative.
This feature is in beta, please leave feedback to help us improve it.
We've added a new integration. You can now add your testimonials to your Framer website.
In this video you can watch us import testimonials from Product Hunt, pick a stunning Senja widget to display them, and add it to Framer, all in less than 2 minutes.
Our second Senja Drop is now live. Landing Pages Explained is a collection of the best landing pages explained by their creators.
Go beyond the designs and learn about the offer, the copy, the sections and research that informed the page's creation.
Senja Drops is a series of small products and tools launched by us at Senja, look out for more in the next few months.
You can now import photos and carousels from Instagram.
Just go to the import page and click on the Instagram tab, then paste in the URL of your instagram post.
You can now collect more data from your responders.
New fields include:
  • Company
  • Team (Engineering, Marketing, Founder etc)
  • Company Logo
Custom fields now come with more types to choose from, including checkboxes and long text.
You can also make custom fields required, or make them hidden so that they can only be set with url parameters.
Now you can pre-fill fields in your forms using query parameters 🎉
To do this, you need to append parameters to the form URL. Like this:
Now when someone visits your form, their details will automatically be inserted.
CleanShot 2023-05-15 at 17
You can now use webhooks in Senja.🎉
Webhooks are a powerful tool for integrating different applications and services. By using webhooks, you can automate workflows and receive real-time updates from other systems.
Starting from today, you can easily set up webhooks to receive notifications and trigger actions based on events that occur in Senja 🎉
We've been hard at work creating new widgets for you.
Introducing this absolute stunner which will be a show-stopper on any landing page. It's available new in the Studio.
Senja (1)
You can now pull in two types of testimonial from Product Hunt.
Use your launch link to pull in launch comments.
Use your product link to pull in product reviews. Both now live on Senja. Check it out in Imports.
We've added the ability to customise your widgets with your own CSS.
This means you now have unlimited styling options, and also means we can help you refine your widgets.
Check it out in the Studio under Settings for any widget 🎉
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