Even more testimonial sources now live 🚨
We've added even more testimonial sources. You can now select these sources to import a text testimonial manually. Just click on
Import Testimonials
on the app's menu.
New sources include Google, Slack, Apple's App Store, and Google's Play Store.
New Testimonial Dashboard Layout
We've completely refreshed the testimonial management layout in the dashboard.
Now testimonials are loaded as a list instead of a grid. Quickly review your testimonials, toggle between public and private, or load the testimonial to view more options.
And! We've also added auto-transcription of video testimonials ✍🏾
brandbird - 2022-09-05T141433
Create multiple forms 👍
You can now create unlimited forms so you can collect the most relevant and focused testimonials from your customers
A video or text-only testimonial form? ✅
A form for collecting employee testimonials? ✅
A form for collecting activation tips from happy customers? ✅
A form for collecting testimonials about your demo? ✅
brandbird - 2022-08-02T130050
Find the testimonial you need right now, with Advanced Search 👩🏾‍🎤
Advanced search to find the testimonial you need in seconds ⏳
🌤 Learn why people love you with word clouds
⭐️ Filter by star rating
👩🏽‍💼 Filter by job title
🦄 Filter by testimonial type
🌈 Filter by collection
New import sources: Shopify, Capterra, Trustpilot, G2 🦄
We've added four new testimonial sources:
Shopify, Capterra, Trustpilot, and G2
. You can now select these sources to import a text testimonial manually.
Just click on Import Testimonials on the app's menu
brandbird - 2022-07-26T132956
This is v1 of the feature. In v2 we're looking to automate imports from these platforms. Look out for that function coming soon.
As always your feedback helps us improve the product, so please keep posting ideas on our feedback board.
See your collections on the menu
Managing collections is now even easier. brandbird - 2022-07-25T150710
You can now see your testimonial collections on the site menu. From here you can browse through your existing collections, or create a new collection.
Delete and rename widgets 🗑
You can now rename and delete your widgets. This makes the organisation of widgets much simpler. Load the relevant widget, and then follow this guide:
brandbird - 2022-07-12T170410
Turn testimonials into beautiful social images
You can now turn any text testimonial into a
beautiful image in seconds
Just load the testimonial and click the new image icon.
brandbird - 2022-07-06T213649
This will create an image like this, which you can share on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere.
Star Ratings
You can now collect star ratings with your testimonials!
These ratings will show up on all your widgets if enabled 🙌
image Support
Shipped a hotfix that makes all widgets work properly on sites hosted with
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