Your Google Reviews will now auto-sync [if you switch it on]
Manual testimonial imports are so 2022.
We will now automatically import your Google Reviews directly into Senja. Connect your business, and that's it.
Wait for your testimonials to come in on autopilot.
This feature is available now on all plans.
Pimp your proof: our new Social Proof Studio
Whether you want to share your social proof as a Wall of Love, stunning images, or impressive widgets, Senja's new Social Proof Studio is for you.
One powerful place to pimp your proof, with 100s of templates to pick from, and almost unlimited customization options.
Add star ratings to your search results: Rich Snippets are in ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Get more clicks from your search results with Rich Snippets.
This was our most requested feature!
🌟 Add star ratings to your search results with Senja.
📥 Import your testimonials from Google, Yelp, Capterra, Trustpilot etc.
🦾 Copy and paste 3 lines of code
✨ Your ratings will show up on your website in a few days/weeks.
enrich copy
Click here to activate Rich Snippets
Your Wall of Love just got a glow up 💅
Your Wall of Love is a really powerful way to show new customers why people love and trust
your business
. And now your social proof looks as unique and striking as you are.
We’ve totally re-imagined the Wall of Love so you can pick and customise an unforgettable design in seconds. Plus, you can customise your CTA, add navigation, change the copy, and add a custom domain.
It’s the stunning design your social proof demands. We love it, and hope you do too.
Your new Wall of Love includes:
  • Multiple beautiful designs including dark mode
  • Change the copy at the top
  • Customise your CTA
  • Add your own navigation
  • Re-order your testimonials
  • Add a custom domain
brandbird (3)
We’ve renamed Collections Tags.
We know many of you were using Collections to group similar testimonials together, and others were using it to group testimonials to create an embed.
Now, we have one simple name that covers both use cases.
To make using Tags easier to use, you can now add, remove and create them on any testimonial’s page, as well as on
Advanced search: back and improved 🦄
Advanced Search is back
on the menu
, so you can access it with ease.
Advanced search helps you find the right testimonial, right now. Here’s how:
💜 Search for a testimonial
🔎 Filter by testimonial source
✨ Filter by rating
🦄 Filter by tag
🔦 Filter by job title
☁️ Identify and filter by common words with your Word Cloud
Improved import experience and import from Yelp 💪
We've improved the testimonial import experience. Senja now has a full-screen importer, which also showcases your import history.
We've also added testimonial imports from Yelp, which brings the total number of import sources to 14.
This improvement to imports lays the foundations for BIG changes coming soon. Look out for those and check out the new testimonial imports here.
We've launched an affiliate scheme: tell your friends and earn rewards 💰
Love Senja?
You can now earn rewards when you tell your friends, colleagues and audience about us, with our new affiliate scheme.
We've partnered with Rewardful to offer you a kickback for every new customer you refer. You'll earn 30% commission for life for your referrals.
Want to find out more and sign up?
New Design Studio options 🦄🎨
We know you love turning your testimonials into social sharing images.
And now we have even more options to help your testimonials stand out.
Brand your testimonial images with your own logo or other image, and pick your own background colours and images. It's like artistic superpowers.
See it in action:
Edit Testimonials From Integrations
You can now edit testimonials you've imported from social media or other review platforms.
This is really useful for formatting reviews and correcting typos.
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