Grid widget Filters improvements

Hi Wilson,

I love the new filter widget, I am using it here:

I would like to request the following improvements to the filters:

  1. Must have features

    1. Font, font style, background color for hover-over and not hover over.

    2. When the filters don't fit the screen a horizontal scrollbar appears. It looks very ugly. Can you make it a choice that the filter buttons are spread across multiple rows, so they are all visible?Β 

      See image.

    3. Show which filter is selected, now you can't see that.

  1. Nice to have features

    1. Have standard sorting options like amazon (sort Lowest, highest first)

    2. A more advanced/AI version would be that it automatically recognizes certain aspects of the product/service like on amazon (see attachment). That would be a great feature to distinguish yourselves from competitors (AI!)


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πŸ’‘ Feature Request


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11 months ago


Roel van Still Tinnitus

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